8179594700_d66c682105Santa is a lucky guy — and not just because children all over the world leave him plates of cookies. He gets a letter that spells out exactly what each of the children on the “nice” list wish to see under the Christmas tree. I could use a list like that.

I love giving gifts. I even like searching for the perfect presents for friends, family and clients (as long as it doesn’t involve going near a mall in December)!

But I know shopping can be stressful.

To make it a little easier, here are some great gift ideas for the writers on your list.

Six Figure Freelancing: When I started freelancing, this book was my go-to resource. It’s filled with advice for launching and sustaining a successful freelance business, including worksheets, examples of successful queries, tips for negotiating with editors and advice for boosting your efficiency.

A massage: Hunkering over a desk to crank out articles (not to mention the tension constant deadlines cause) can make even the most zen writers feel stiff and stressed out. Treat your favorite writer to a massage to help work out the kinks.

Treadmill desk: Looking to splurge? A treadmill desk is a perfect workstation for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting in front of a keyboard (take it from a freelancer who writes about fitness but struggles to get enough exercise)! Who knows what kind of great ideas walking and working will inspire.

Scrivener: The award-winning writing software is all the rage among writers. It allows writers to compose and organize their work within the app and export it into a word processing program. It’s perfect for freelancers juggling multiple projects, authors who need to coordinate lots of information and writers who need a little help getting organized.

Coffee shop gift cards: Whether your favorite writer needs a jolt of java to power through a looming deadline or an excuse to cozy up at a café with her laptop, a gift card for a local coffee shop is both thoughtful and practical.


Image courtesy of queenbeeofbeverlyhills