photoI am a list-maker, a goal-setter, a planner of epic proportions. Few things make me happier than putting pen (or glue stick) to paper and creating a plan. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that setting goals for the New Year tops my list of favorite things.

But I went a little overboard prepping for 2013.

I made a vision board and wrote out a long list of goals.

My list of professional goals includes writing an e-book, developing new coaching programs and connecting with new clients, blogging, attending more networking events and booking speaking gigs. My vision board reflects the life I want to create outside of my office with pictures of chickens, bees, fresh produce, rubber boots, colorful quilts and other farm girl stuff.

I also chose a word to help guide me through the year: INTENTION

Sitting down at my desk with the vision board, list of goals and a powerful word staring me in the face made me feel a little overwhelmed.

Before my mug of tea had cooled down enough to drink, I’d be thinking, “How am I going to incorporate all of these things into my life? Is it even possible to raise chickens and travel for speaking gigs? Can I really spend more time at networking events and make it to yoga classes?”

And the biggie: “Does setting an intention work?”

As it turns out, YES!

The time I spent getting clear on my priorities, setting goals and cutting and pasting to bring those visions to life is already paying off.

When an editor calls to offer me an assignment or an invite to a networking event lands in my inbox, I look at those pictures and words and decide if the project or event fits with the vision I created. So far, it’s saved me from agreeing to at least two things that were not a good fit.

The list and collage is also a good reminder that I need to do the work to bring these plans to light. I can’t sit in my office and hope someone else will tend to the chickens, bring in new coaching clients and send pitches to new magazines.

So, while I’m waiting for my morning mug of tea to cool, I write a to-do list (see? I cannot resist a list) that includes all of the things that need to get done that day as well as at least one thing that will bring me one step closer to the vision I created for 2013.

So far, I’ve snagged a spot on a panel about creativity coaching at the annual American Society of Journalists and Authors Conference in New York, signed up to exhibit at a fabulous networking event for women entrepreneurs, developed and launched a brand new coaching program and started working with fabulous new clients.

What are your writing goals for the New Year? Are there magazines you plan to pitch? A book you want to write? An income goal you aspire to? I’d love to hear what you have planned. Remember, it’s not too late to set an intention to make 2013 THE YEAR OF PUBLISHING SUCCESS.