“I could never make a living as a writer.”

“I need to build up my clips before I can pitch national magazines.”

“I’m lucky to be paid for my work, even if it’s only a few cents a word.”

“A byline is more important to me than a paycheck – at least for now.”

“No one is going to publish a book by an unknown author.”

“I have no idea how to approach editors with story ideas.”

There are a million excuses for not pursuing a profitable writing career – which ones are you making?

Before you utter one more, “Yeah, but…” or “If only..” think about this: Every writer with a byline in a national magazine (and a fat paycheck for their work) started out with no experience, no bylines.

If you’re ready to stop making excuses and start making a living with words (while wearing bunny slippers), let’s talk.