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"Jodi Helmer is a stellar example of success. She is a goal-setting machine who is not only a clear, concise storyteller, but also a great marketer of her own services. Jodi needs to write a book about her organizational skills (but then again she probably had one in the works)."

"If anyone out there needs to hire a coach to help with goal-setting (and goal-achieving!), you should give Jodi a call. It's truly amazing how much you can get done when someone is keeping an eye on you."

"Thank you SO much for this exceptionally useful workshop. I got so much out of it. I'm adding your great ideas to my strategy tool kit as we speak."

Editors dish about the 9 biggest mistakes writers make.
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Launch Your Freelance Career in the New Year
Are you tired of putting your writing dreams on hold? Imagine having the support to:
  • Turn pages of notes into a book proposal that is ready to send to publishers
  • Transform a notebook filled with ideas for magazine articles into queries for national publications
  • Start a blog that will attract the attention of publishers and agents
  • Create strategies for long-term freelancing success

The SPARK Sessions can make it happen.

To help you make 2013 The Year of Publishing Success, I am offering a special package.

The SPARK Sessions include:

  • One month of intensive coaching support to help you:
    • Create a writing plan
    • Flesh out ideas and identify potential markets
    • Target queries and proposals to editors who are eager to work with emerging writers
    • Support to boost motivation, work through blocks and make real progress on your writing goals
  • One 30-minute call per week for four weeks
  • Two query critiques

There are just six spots available.

The package is valued at $2,000. Reserve your spot before December 21 and the SPARK Sessions are just $249.



Mentoring is not just about explaining the meaning of FNASR and critiquing queries. I help tailor ideas, identify possible markets, share contacts and squelch doubts. I also help celebrate successes – and the writers I've worked with have a lot to celebrate. My clients have published articles in Natural Health, Parents, EatingWell, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Breathe and Charlotte Magazine; a former student landed his first book contract after taking my class.

If you're ready to stop thinking about being a writer and start working toward your goal of getting published (or if you're already freelancing but want to amp up your earnings), mentoring is the kickstart you need.

You'll benefit from mentoring if you:

  • Dream of writing for magazines but have no idea how to get started.
  • Want to turn a passion for words into a lucrative career.
  • Need support to create a plan for freelance success.
  • Want help tailoring your ideas to appeal to editors.
  • Need someone to hold you accountable for making your publishing dreams a reality.
  • Desire an experienced guide to help you move through the publishing process, answer questions and provide support along the way.
Mentoring Available:

Career Launch

You've always dreamed of writing for magazines but have no idea what it takes to launch a freelance career.

This package provides all of the information you need to turn an idea into an article and make your publishing dreams a reality.

You'll receive:

  • Four audio files
    • The Secret to Coming Up With Ideas that Sell
    • Reading Between the Coverlines
    • Crafting the Query
    • Boosting Your Bottom Line
  • Worksheets to help you plan for freelance success
  • Samples of successful queries
  • An insider's guide to what editors want (featuring tips from editors at national magazines and websites)
  • Tips for finding editor contact names and email addresses
  • How to avoid the "slush pile"
  • A reference guide to editor lingo
  • Answers to common freelance questions to help you move from fear to action
This information, gathered after a decade of writing for top tier magazines, will prepare you to stop talking about writing and start submitting ideas to editors.

The package does not include one-on-one mentoring, email or phone support.


Prepare for Publication

Are you ready to stop talking about getting published and ready to start doing the work?

Are you already writing articles for magazines and websites but not earning the income you want?

This program is for you.

We'll work together for three months. In addition to all of the materials from the Career Launch program, you'll benefit from:

  • Support to create and execute a plan for freelance success
  • Materials to help you define your niche, target markets and boost your success rate
  • One 30-minute call per month to help you hone your ideas, target markets, write compelling queries and successfully negotiate with editors
  • Detailed critiques of two queries, essays or articles per month
  • Access to a private online group with other mentoring clients to ask questions, get inspired and seek support

Profit Acceleration

A six-month program to help you:
  • Define your writing goals and create a plan to achieve them
  • Be clear about what you offer – and how to offer it – for maximum results
  • Develop a solid, sustainable income stream
  • Get immediate feedback on your ideas and answers to your questions
The package includes:
  • All of the materials from the Career Launch program
  • Two 30-minute calls per month to help you hone your ideas, target markets, write compelling queries and successfully negotiate with editors
  • Two 60-minute calls over the course of the program (scheduled as needed) for in-depth support to develop a marketing plan, work through blocks, execute query blasts or set long-term goals
  • Detailed critiques of four queries, essays or articles per month
  • One 30-minute guest audio per month with insights from editors, agents or writers who offer advice for pitching and taking your career to the next level
  • Unlimited email support, responses to questions when you need them
  • Critique of your website
  • Access to a private online group with other mentoring clients to ask questions, get inspired and seek support

Book Launch

Get the personalized support you need to write a book proposal, land an agent and secure a publishing deal. Combined with the materials from the Book Publishing Primer program, you'll also receive one-on-one coaching to:
  • Develop your idea so it's attractive to agents and editors
  • Write and practice an "elevator speech" to present to potential agents and publishers
  • Build your confidence to sell your idea
  • Write a polished book proposal
  • Decide which publishing path is right for you – and take the next steps to make it happen
A three-month session includes:
  • One 30-minute call per month to create and execute a plan, review progress and address roadblocks
  • Critiques of agent query letters
  • Comprehensive critique of all elements of your book proposal, including introduction, sample chapter, competitive analysis, author credentials, marketing plan